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ECMAScript 6 / ES2015 81 katas


array #easy
string #easy
object #easy
defaults #easy

Object literal

getter #easy
setter #easy

Spread operator

Block scope

Arrow functions

basics #easy


Default parameters

Basics #easy

Object API


ECMAScript 10 / ES2019 12 katas

Array API

`array.flat()` #planned

String API

`string.trimEnd()` #easy #planned


unbinded `catch` #easy #planned

Symbol API

JSON superset


Function API

`function.toString()` #easy #planned

ECMAScript 1 9 katas

Type conversion

to boolean #planned
to number #planned

Global Object API

`parseInt()` #easy
`parseInt()` in depth #easy #planned

ECMAScript 8 / ES2017 3 katas

Object API

`Object.entries()` #easy #planned
`Object.values()` #easy #planned

Async Function

ECMAScript 11 / ES2020 2 katas


Basics #easy

String API

ECMAScript 7 / ES2016 1 katas

Array API