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Template strings: multiline

Template strings, can be multiline.

Template string, can contain multiline content

WHEN a new line is inside the backticks ` THEN the string can span across many lines
var normalString = ` line1 line2 line3 `; assert.equal(normalString, '\nline1\nline2\nline3\n');

GIVEN expressions inside of a template string

WHEN a simple variable is on the third line THEN it is also evaluated
var x = 42; var multiline = `line 1 $ {x}`; assert.equal(multiline, 'line 1\n\n 42');
AND spaces matter
var x = 42; var multiline = ``; assert.equal(multiline, '\n\n42');


Description of multiline template strings.

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16 March 2015


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