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Spread operator: with strings

Spread syntax in use with strings.

Spread syntax with strings

expands each character of a string by prefixing it with ...
const [b, a] = [...'ab']; assert.equal(a, 'a'); assert.equal(b, 'b');
expands any kind of character
const arr = [...'12']; assert.deepEqual(arr, ['1', ' ', '☒', ' ', '2']);
works anywhere inside an array (must not be last)
const letters = ['a', 'bcd', 'e', 'f']; assert.equal(letters.length, 6);
don`t confuse with the rest operator
const [...rest] = ['1234', ...'5']; assert.deepEqual(rest, ['1', '2', '3', '4', '5']);
can also be used as function parameter
const max = Math.max('12345'); assert.deepEqual(max, 5);


Syntax docs on MDN.

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13 April 2015


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