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Unary Operators: Unary "+" operator

converts its operand to the Number type

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The unary "+" operator

  • is the "+" that preceeds an operand
  • converts its operand to the Number type
  • WHEN converting a numeric string THEN it returns its value as a number
  • even WHEN converting the string "-Infinity" THEN it returns the Number Infinity
  • WHEN converting null THEN it returns +0
  • WHEN converting true THEN it returns 1
  • WHEN converting an object with a method valueOf THEN its value is returned


The original ECMAScript 1 specification, "Unary + Operator" is on page 40, chapter 11.4.6 (in a 110 pages PDF).
The original ES1 spec describes the `Number` type in chapter 8.5 (a 110 pages PDF).
The MDN page.
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