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Number API: Number.isNaN()

Number.isNaN() determines if a value is NaN.

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The function Number.isNaN()

  • is a static function on Number

returns false

for any not-Number type

  • like null
  • like a string
  • like an object
different to the global isNaN function (specified in ES1)
  • an object gets converted to a Number before the check, and returns true therefore
  • a string gets converted to a Number first, and returns true therefore (even though its not NaN)

for real Numbers

  • like 0
  • or Infinity (+∞)
  • or the biggest Number (9007199254740991 (2^53−1))
  • or a decimal number

returns true for

  • exactly NaN
  • the result of zero divided by zero
  • something which seems not to be a number


Description of `Number.isNaN` in the specification.
Description of `Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER` in the spec.
Description of `Number.POSITIVE_INFINITY` in the spec.
The (old) global `isNaN` function, that behaves a bit different.
The place where `Math.PI` is specified.