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Number API: Number.isInteger()

Number.isInteger() determines if a value is an integer.

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The function Number.isInteger()

  • is a static function on Number

handles zero in different ways

  • the literal 0 is an integer
  • the float value 0.000 is also an integer
  • the string 0 is NOT an integer

also sees the number 1 in different ways

  • the sum of 0.01 and 0.99 is an integer
  • the sum of 0.5 + 0.6 is NOT an integer
  • the result of parseInt("1") is an integer
  • the string "1" is NOT an integer

identifies many things NOT as integer

  • Number() (which returns a 0) is an integer
  • the object literal {} is NOT an integer
  • the float value 0.1 is not an integer
  • Number.Infinity is not an integer
  • NaN is also not an integer