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Number API: Number.parseInt()

Number.parseInt() parses a string and returns an integer.

Number.parseInt() parses a string and returns an integer.

it is a static function on Number
const whatType = 'global'; assert.equal(whatType, typeof Number.parseInt);
is the same as the global function parseInt
const global = () => globalThis || window || global; const parseIntFunction = Number.parse_int; assert.equal(parseIntFunction, global().parseInt);
parseInt was specified in ECMAScript v1 (please find that ES1 kata for learning more)
const version = 6; assert.equal('ECMAScript v' + version, 'ECMAScript v1');


Description of `Number.parseInt()` in the specification.
The MDN docs for this function.
Spec chapter of the global `parseInt()` function.
A twitter thread, where I explained the decision process of the creation of this kata and how it relates to the ES1 kata of this function.

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6 October 2019


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