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Generator: creation

There are many ways to create a generator

Generators can be created in multiple ways

the most common way is by adding * after function
function g() {} assert.equal(String(g()), '[object Generator]');
as a function expression, by adding a * after function
let g = function() {}; assert.equal(String(g()), '[object Generator]');
inside an object by prefixing the function name with *
let obj = { g() {} }; assert.equal(String(obj.g()), '[object Generator]');
computed generator names, are just prefixed with a *
const generatorName = 'g'; let obj = { [generatorName]() {} }; assert.equal(String(obj.g()), '[object Generator]');
inside a class the same way
const generatorName = 'g'; class Klazz { [generatorName]() {} } assert.equal(String(new Klazz().g()), '[object Generator]');


Describes the `function*` declaration.

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1 June 2015


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