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Function constructor: new Function() and Function()

With the Function constructor one can dynamically create a Function object.

Using new Function() creates a new function

WHEN using new Function() THEN this is equivalent to Function() with the same parameters
const fn1 = new Function('a', 'b', 'return a + b'); const fn2 = Function('a', 'b', 'return a + b'); assert.deepStrictEqual(Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors(fn1), Object.getOwnPropertyDescriptors(fn2));
num params
const fn = new Function('a, b', 'c', 'return null'); assert.strictEqual(fn.length, 3);


The very first version of the spec defines this property already, the ES1 spec, see section (PDF 732kB).
The MDN pages describing this property, easy to read with examples.

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