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Object API: Object.is()

Object.is() compares if two values are the same.

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Object.is() determines whether two values are the same

scalar values

  • 1 is the same as 1
  • int 1 is different to string "1"
  • strings just have to match
  • +0 is not the same as -0
  • NaN is the same as NaN

coercion (as in ==) and strict compare (as in ===) do NOT apply

  • +0 and -0 are not the same for Object.is()
  • empty string and false are not the same
  • NaN
  • NaN and 0/0

complex values

  • {} is just not the same as {}
  • for the same object is() reports true
  • two Maps with the same content are not the same thing