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BigInt: Basics

A BigInt can represent numbers larger than number

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A BigInt is a large number

  • a number: Number.MAX_VALUE * Number.MAX_VALUE, is useless, it results in Infinity
  • a bigint: BigInt(Number.MAX_VALUE) * BigInt(Number.MAX_VALUE) results in an amazingly large AND usable number
  • the result of BigInt(Number.MAX_VALUE) * BigInt(Number.MAX_VALUE) has 617 digits

creating one can be done in multiple ways

  • adding an n at the end of a number
  • calling the function BigInt(x), where x is a number
  • calling the function BigInt(x) with a string
  • calling the function BigInt(x) with a binary number

difference to a number

  • a BigInt is of type "bigint"
  • comparing via == can coerce a bigint to a number
  • but type safe comparisons fail
  • a bigint can NOT be used with Math.* functions
  • can not be calculated with a number

BigInt supports various operators

  • the + and - work just like for numbers
  • also * and / work
  • the modulo operator % works as known
  • the exponentiation operator ** works like on numbers
  • but ++ even throws a SyntaxError

the comparison operators work, even with numbers

  • comparing 2n >= 2 works as if they were of the same type
  • the number can also be the left operand 1 < 2n, works as if they were the same type

explicit type conversion

  • via String(0n) renders the number without a trailing n
  • for Boolean(0b01n) everything but a 0 zero is true

the API

  • BigInt is NOT a constructor, it throws
  • BigInt.asIntN() returns a bigint that can fit in the given number of bits
  • BigInt.asUintN() uses the given bits to interpret an unsigned value, returning a bigint
  • 1n.toString() just cuts off the n and returns the number
  • valueOf() returns the value as is
  • overriding toJSON() on the prototype allows to "encode" a bigint for a JSON string


The proposal repo.
The "ECMAScript Language Specification", the JavaScript specification text describing this function.
The Mozilla Developer Network docs, contains good examples.
Announcement of this kata on twitter.